New year brings slew of new laws for restaurants

It's now illegal in some places to ask job applicants certain questions, or to serve some Asian dishes.


Was Trump good or bad for restaurants?

Year one brought plenty of breaks, but also some frustrations.

Count Mother Nature squarely among the parties generating the loudest buzz, along with a hotelier in a new job and a one-time online bookseller.

The board's decision closes an alternate route to organizing staffers.

Gov. Cuomo has set a rollback as one of his priorities for 2018.

Progress ran into some resistance this week, in part because of robots running amok. But reactions to the industry's harassment scandals showed the clock isn't rolling back.

A procedure change suggests the measure is meeting considerable public resistance.

Reconsideration of the controversial practice underscores the more moderate approach of the reconstituted board.

A provision of the measures currently before Congress has the unintended effect of denying some midsize companies one of the intended breaks.

Owners of pass-through companies would get some relief, but the qualifications suggest not all restaurateurs would qualify.