‘Joint employer’ dealt another critical blow

A decision last week underscores a change in how the NLRB views a franchisor's accountability for the actions of franchisees.


Panera to the FDA: Define 'egg'

In a shot to its competitors, Panera petitions the government to improve food transparency around eggs.

The agency has issued new schedules for computing how much to withhold from employees' paychecks under the reform package that became law right before Christmas.

New reports make the case for expanding menu labeling to all restaurants and adopting a nationwide soda tax. It's enough to make you want to crave a $300 breakfast at Denny's.

Here's what went down and what it foreshadows for employers.

Small businesses like restaurants would be able to pool their purchasing might for greater economies of scale, or even to self-insure.

It's now illegal in some places to ask job applicants certain questions, or to serve some Asian dishes.

Year one brought plenty of breaks, but also some frustrations.

Count Mother Nature squarely among the parties generating the loudest buzz, along with a hotelier in a new job and a one-time online bookseller.

The board's decision closes an alternate route to organizing staffers.