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One on one

In retrospect, it's so clear to me. I didn't own my restaurant. My employees owned my restaurant. They didn't work for me. I worked for them. And the more you conduct your daily routine with that in mind, the more successful you'll be.


Chefs Feed expands into social media and 16 locales

Launched in late 2011, the free Chefs Feed app for iPhone and iPad has quickly become a favorite with chefs and their fans, registering more than 100,000 users in less than a year.

Cash handling policies and training can help prevent unnecessary restaurant losses.

SAN DIEGO, CA (March 12, 2013)—Harvest Meat Company, Inc. acquired some Randall Farms distribution assets from Randall Foods, Inc. Terms of the deal were...

Giving directions is an art. Some people are great at it; some people can't direct their way out of a parking lot.

When cooking for customers who have food allergies or are gluten-sensitive, you need to be especially aware of how you store ingredients and the prep techniques you use.

What do Chicken in a Pot, Macaroni and Cheese, Spiced Pumpkin Cookies, and Chocolate Pudding have in common? They're all comfort foods. What do Chicken in a...

To make sure your promotions don’t go down and out, consider these tips.

Training is a multi-level investment of time and money. It's more than just identifying specific tasks and skills. Training requires a well thought-out plan, prioritizing which skills to train, developing a timeline, conducting the training sessions, and assessing performance. It can be an overwhelming job. If you divide your challenge into smaller, bite-size steps, you will be more likely to accomplish your goal.

I’m excited to refresh a regular column that had been a staple of Restaurant Business for years. Here are my picks for the week’s (give or take a day or two) best ideas—plus one of the worst.

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