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When pig(skin)s fly

To make sure your promotions don’t go down and out, consider these tips.

5-step training

Training is a multi-level investment of time and money. It's more than just identifying specific tasks and skills. Training requires a well thought-out plan, prioritizing which skills to train, developing a timeline, conducting the training sessions, and assessing performance. It can be an overwhelming job. If you divide your challenge into smaller, bite-size steps, you will be more likely to accomplish your goal.

I’m excited to refresh a regular column that had been a staple of Restaurant Business for years. Here are my picks for the week’s (give or take a day or two) best ideas—plus one of the worst.

It's more important than ever to set your restaurant apart from the competition. In a nutshell, what makes you different, better or special?

Adjustments in tech strategies, a big promotion that slipped past unnoticed, why every big chain should be scared and the day fast food lost its mind.

Bad economy got you down? Core business just ain't what it used to be? Then get some ideas from these operators, who've developed some profitable sidelines.

We’ve been collecting whiskeys since 1977; now, finally, we are part of a trend,” says Mick McHugh, proprietor of F.X.

I watched the final episode of "The Apprentice" last week. I admit that I've become intrigued with how Donald Trump leads the contestants vying for a coveted position in his company.

He’s built an empire putting employees first. Now that Danny Meyer has taken Shake Shack public, will shareholders be OK with staying in the backseat?

As the Boston Red Sox prepared to face the despised New York Yankees in last fall's historic American League Championship Series, Red Sox fans started queuing up outside the Riviera Cafe, a local eatery with TVs all over the room, more than five hours before game time.

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