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Summer wines

Just as you update your food menu with the seasons, you should freshen your wine list. Lighter summer fare demands lighter wines; warmer weather calls for more refreshing quaffs.

Easing the way to smooth sipping

The definition of a smoothie has been blended as much as the drink, but basically, smoothies are fruits and juices whirred with ice until thick and smooth.

Smart sourcing means staying on top of seafood trends, the market, supply chain safety and value-added products. Three industry experts share the latest.

Food trucks fill the streets and parking lots of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin and Portland, Ore. Los Angeles alone counts 9,000 food trucks and carts, including branded vehicles from California Pizza Kitchen and Carl’s Jr. Yet when Ray Villaman, moderator of a trucks panel at the Restaurant Leadership Conference, asked who in the audience has or plans to launch a food truck, only a few hands were raised.

Aweakened dollar, high commodity costs and increased global demand for seafood are combining to push up prices this season. Fernando Navas, corporate chef for the six-location SushiSamba, names “price” as his number one sourcing challenge.

Ideas from October 2011

(December 22, 2011 - SNA News)—What breakfast item would students most want to see prepared in a “dream kitchen” in their school cafeteria? Pancakes...

Did you know that 50% of the perception of your food's quality and taste will be formed before the first bite is taken? Make sure perceptions of your menu...

Sassy servers and live bands play up the party atmosphere at Dick’s Last Resort destination restaurants. Last year, the brand decided to plunge into a new video and social media-fueled program to enhance engagement with the guests within the four walls and at restaurants throughout the chain.

Any good fisherman will tell you to "fish when the fish are bitin'." Sounds like common sense, so why do we often ignore the obvious when it comes to our own business?

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