menu trends


5 independent restaurant trends that may soon become mainstream

These ingredients and flavors are making a splash on indie menus.


In labor crunch, cross-utilizing condiments can bring some back-of-house relief

Operators are creating signatures with multitasking sauces and simpler menus.

Americans like their brews, but boosting sales takes some craft.

To tap into the grain trend, start with these five recipes for bowls and salads.

To refresh your drink selection, take a look at these seven on-trend recipes.

The basic process is simple and doable for just about any operator, Advice Guy says.

Emerging ingredients, flavors and products can help operators refresh the menu.

These five recipes tap into the plant-forward trend.

Classic flavors and surprising new combos are keeping customers cool.

Overall satisfaction tends to be higher for meals than for snacks from restaurants.

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