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Waffles are no longer stuck in the breakfast daypart. The tasty grids lend their versatile nooks and crannies to a wide range of both sweet and savory accompaniments, making them a distinctive menu item for brunch, dessert and even dinner.

McDonald’s to take a more regional focus

Organizational moves will split its focus into four geographic zones and give regional leaders more autonomy in making menu and marketing decisions based on local consumer tastes and preferences.

Fall leaves are turning and the breeze is cooling down, calling all soup lovers to fill up their bowls. An American favorite is the classic Split Pea Soup.

These eight trends might not have made it to the Top 10 list we ran in this month’s edition of Restaurant Business, but they are worth watching.

CHICAGO (January 13, 2010 - Business Wire)—Consumers’ perception of fast food is no longer confined toquick-service, drive-thru restaurants and...

And all eaten just three weeks ago. Here’s what a chef found in his annual dining blitz.

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