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McDonald’s kicks off ‘happy hour’ restaurant promotion with new Horchata Frappe

McDonald’s has introduced a new Horchata Frappe drink as part of its late-afternoon McCafe menu at participating stores in Southern California.

The right way: A little gamey

This summer, Parents magazine named Red Robin Gourmet Burgers one of the 10 best restaurant chains in America for families. Here's how they did it.

Customers who seek a meatless dish for reasons of health, ethics or just because it sounds yummy on the menu, are very important people in restaurants today.

Used to be that the only pickles showing up on menus were commercially processed. Now handcrafted products are coming out of restaurant kitchens and showing up on tables around the country. 

We’ve been collecting whiskeys since 1977; now, finally, we are part of a trend,” says Mick McHugh, proprietor of F.X.

Among the dark clouds of recession, restaurants have so far found at least one silver lining: the cost of basic foodstuffs.

Nate Weir, director of culinary operations at Denver-based Modmarket, was on a mission: to create a better pizza—not just better than the growing number of customizable fast-casual concepts, he says, but better than the Neapolitan pies tossed at high-end pizzerias.

CHICAGO (Dec. 2, 2009 - Business Wire)—Consumersfind breakfast fare comforting and many, especially women, wish theycould eat it at any time of the day. A...

Healthy fast casuals—especially chef-led concepts (akin to Chipotle founder Steve Ells’ culinary training)—are rolling out with backing from some high-profile players in the restaurant biz.

Diners looking for something more substantial than chocolate bunnies and marshmallow eggs can find places across the country to celebrate Easter with a festive brunch. Here’s a sampling of restaurants offering breakfast favorites and more, with prix fixe menus, buffets and family-friendly options.

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