Peet’s Coffee buys majority stake in Revive Kombucha

The coffee chain plans to expand the kombucha brand’s presence in grocers and in its shops.

Let's make a deal

Yes, you have to spend it to make it. But why spend more money than you have to? The deals are out there, for everything from wine to cleaning services. You just have to know where to find them, or at least how to ask for them. We sent reporters out looking for all the best ways for restaurant operators to save money. They found some great tips, so take a look and save a few bucks.

Late-night dining is the rage, so maybe it’s time to think about keeping the doors open a little longer.

A distributor who gets food costs down Ben E. Keith Foods Fort Worth, TexasID ranking: 9th largest distributor in the U.S. Accounts: 22,000 in the South and...

Tempting customers to buy dessert is a surefire way to boost dinner and lunch checks. But that means offering an irresistible and varied selection that hits every diner’s sweet spot. Suppliers have stepped up to the dessert plate with ingredients and products for operators at every level—from QSR grab-and-go treats to comforting family-dining pies and ice creams, to the speed-scratch cakes, pastries and mousses that differentiate casual menus.

The definition of a smoothie has been blended as much as the drink, but basically, smoothies are fruits and juices whirred with ice until thick and smooth.

Our industry pros share what they think will rock menus in 2011.

If a restaurant is meeting its mission statement, shouldn’t you be able to identify the brand by that statement? See if you can match these chains with their defining documents.

RICHMOND, VA (October 25, 2011)—Legacy Foodservice Alliance, with headquarters here, has announced a new addition to their distributor members, Northern...

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (January 31, 2012)—Gordon Food Service, ranked the 4th largest U.S. broadline distributor in the ID Report Top 50, has acquired Perkins,...

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