Reality Check

Peter Romeo

The musings of Editor-at-Large Peter Romeo.


McDonald’s weathers a week of nonstop union pressure

Fight for $15 and its deep-pocketed backer pummeled the giant with accusations, damning research and celebrity endorsements.


Delivery is growing up, becoming incremental and profitable in the process

Is it generating a net gain in transactions for the restaurant industry? Maybe not. But the chains doing it are seeing their sales, profits and transactions rise.

The national ProStart competition gives aspiring industry stars a chance to get their careers rolling.

The game changer of off-premise packs a danger that could throttle the opportunity.

The industry would likely be better off with a dead horse than this dark one. But it's the sort of loser operators could get if they sit on the sidelines.

In the 1980s, executives remarked offhandedly that an increase would be no big deal. Not everyone sat back in passive acceptance.

The parent of Olive Garden and Capital Grille said its strong third quarter was the result of working a plan that’s long been in place. Here’s a refresher on some of the components.

The chicken chain surveyed past beneficiaries of its scholarship program and found 90% intend to keep working there even after they earn a degree.

Youngsters headed for a career in foodservice cooked up their notion of the places they might someday operate. Here’s what they thought up.