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Reality Check

Peter Romeo

The musings of Editor-at-Large Peter Romeo.


My adventures with Herman Cain

His efforts to help the industry could be unorthodox, as I can personally attest.


BJ’s hedge against dining-room closings

The casual restaurant chain is also bolstering its defenses against Mother Nature.

The finding suggests the industry’s reputation for lax enforcement may be the fault of non-complying independents.

Just ask Pinstripes, where staff members will shortly be wiping down bowling balls and handing out gloves.

As the crisis enters its fifth month, operators are still looking for insight on these matters keeping them up at night.

With the industry in contraction mode, how will tomorrow's restaurant leaders be forged?

One of the multi-concept operator's priorities right now is holding onto year-end holiday bookings.

The chain’s proudly contrarian CEO and founder made cryptic references this week to possible new revenue channels for his brand. Here are the clues.

The requirements or recommendations for resuming dine-in service vary widely from state to state, if they exist at all. Here's a sampling, along with some of the few near-constants.

Small-business groups applaud the reallocation, but question why the loan process wasn’t fixed.

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