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Reality Check

Peter Romeo

The musings of Editor-at-Large Peter Romeo.


Why restaurants should care about Amazon’s union vote

An effort to organize a warehouse in Alabama was unsuccessful. And that could mean bad news is brewing for the foodservice business.


Why restaurants should care about vaccine passports

The proofs of inoculation could be used to ensure guests are safe and know it. But the concept has sparked considerable controversy.

Kent Taylor, the founder and longtime CEO of Texas Roadhouse whose death was announced Thursday evening, was never one for explanations, never mind following convention.

One year after the deadly virus’ introduction, it’s getting a solid heave-ho.

The announcement was hailed as the best health news in a year. How about for the industry?

Cue the 'Twilight Zone' theme and hide the kids. Things are getting weird.

Recent events have shown articles of faith on the minimum wage, catering, virtual brands and casual dining are nothing more than fake news.

Even such sticklers as Andrew Cuomo are cutting operators some slack.

The venerable chain’s parent company issued its assessment Tuesday of the 2020 presidential election, begging the question, “Why?”

Big-name players are realigning top management to provide more flexibility and give additional attention to new revenue streams.

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