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Emerging Brands

With Fox deal done, Cheesecake Factory embarks on a new growth plan

The acquisition provides a standout operator with a standing concept-development lab.


How big a check did Tilman Fertitta write for Del Frisco’s steakhouses?

New information shows he’ll dig deep for something he wants. And he apparently wanted these badly.

A sizable swath of the business community is leaning on the Senate to pass potential safeguards, but restaurants are not part of it.

Here's what's simmering while the industry is busy summering.

Shake Shack might’ve just played disruptor for everyone. And that’s not the only change remaking the fast-growth sector.

Incoming CEO David Gibbs and outgoing chief Greg Creed are, by their own admissions, very different sorts of business leaders. Here’s how they differ.

Are they likely to succeed in snagging attention and sales? Decide for yourself.

The partners say they’re creating a new model for developing and growing restaurant concepts. Here’s why they’re giving that new approach a try.

The chain has been a habitual top performer in casual dining, a segment with far more downs than ups in recent years. What is it doing that competitors don’t?

I should be participating in a press event that intends to tie use of the tip credit to slavery. But it wouldn't have me.

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