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Peter Romeo

The blog from award-winning journalist, RB Editor-at-Large Peter Romeo. Peter taps into his decades of experience covering the restaurant business at a variety of publications to discuss any number of issues related to the operations and general direction of restaurants.


Who's on your fantasy restaurant-management team?

Reality Check: Why bother with fantasy football when the ideal virtual C-suite is waiting to be picked? Here's my roster.


Pluck off, Chicken Littles

Reality Check: The industry's tendency to portray every legislative or regulatory proposal as a restaurant killer is getting very old. Couldn't we be adults and focus on the real effects, like less opportunity?

Reality Check: The industry's largest state market is about to hit the business, a significant part of its economy, with all sorts of changes and new burdens. What gives?

Reality Check: Five weeks of management hell was enough for this industry vet of 47 years.

Reality Check: Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, Tesla’s Elon Musk, and serial tech disruptor Marc Lore are betting they can change the restaurant industry with new ventures. Here’s a look at what they’re envisioning.

Reality Check: Proposals have been floated to get asylum seekers into jobs more quickly. But fears are winning out.

Reality Check: The much-hated labor group deserves credit for what it did this week. Wow, I actually did type that.

Reality Check: But there's an asterisk. The delivery-only brands have found their happy place in family dining.

Reality Check: Okay, there may be a tad of exaggeration there. But what do you expect when un-truths are flying through the business like Frisbees at one of my gigantic outdoor concerts?

Reality Check: The RB staff put down its forks long enough to speculate on what could be the next big thing menu-wise. Here are our bets, longshot and otherwise.

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