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Peter Romeo

The blog from award-winning journalist, RB Editor-at-Large Peter Romeo. Peter taps into his decades of experience covering the restaurant business at a variety of publications to discuss any number of issues related to the operations and general direction of restaurants.


Tech's labor benefits may be different from what you think

Reality Check: Technology's big payback isn't eliminating jobs, it's making current job holders happier.


In drives to kill the tip credit, voters could prove the assassins

Reality Check: Opponents of the wage break for employers are using ballot initiatives to get their way.

Reality Check: The industry nodded through the takeaway of key employer powers. Is it just going to roll over as the setbacks continue?

Reality Check: The trend of the moment for employers should be particularly worrisome for the foodservice business.

He checks many of the boxes on Starbucks' list of ideal characteristics, and his education background could be the labor remedy that's eluded the brand.

Reality Check: A variety of brands are now contending with organizing efforts, and the tally is growing quickly.

Reality Check: Wake up to the very real possibility of employees having a say on their pay.

Reality Check: Management is worried the focus on employees will temper the importance of patrons. It may not be giving the workers enough credit.

Reality Check: If you think the now-defunct brand did little more than popularize fried clams, read on.

Reality Check: The industry's largest gathering provided nearly everything an operator could want, but it posed some tough questions as well.

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