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Peter Romeo

The blog from award-winning journalist, RB Editor-at-Large Peter Romeo. Peter taps into his decades of experience covering the restaurant business at a variety of publications to discuss any number of issues related to the operations and general direction of restaurants.


What's at stake for restaurants in the Congressional battle over border security

Spoiler alert: It’s the shot at expanding the labor pool by thousands of prospective hires per day.


Maybe cash should be king again for restaurants

Reality Check: Credit card fees are increasingly being passed along to consumers, offsetting a moderation in menu inflation. Operators need to do something about that.

Reality Check: Soaring menu prices are expected to cut Britain's population of fish-and-chips joints in half. There's a lesson in there for operators on this side of the Atlantic.

Reality Check: The industry can't publicly condemn Abbott's anti-immigrant measure without looking like a chronic lawbreaker.

Reality Check: Musicians have Julliard, engineers have MIT and doctors have Johns Hopkins. The training grounds emerging as the ideal schools for restaurant CEOs are the big consultancies.

Reality Check: The retail component of the family dining concept drew off sales and profits during the brand's most recent quarter. Maybe it's time to leave the shops out of future Cracker Barrels.

Reality Check: Why bother with fantasy football when the ideal virtual C-suite is waiting to be picked? Here's my roster.

Reality Check: The industry's tendency to portray every legislative or regulatory proposal as a restaurant killer is getting very old. Couldn't we be adults and focus on the real effects, like less opportunity?

Reality Check: The industry's largest state market is about to hit the business, a significant part of its economy, with all sorts of changes and new burdens. What gives?

Reality Check: Five weeks of management hell was enough for this industry vet of 47 years.

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