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Focus Brands makes some executive changes

Julie Younglove-Webb was named chief brand officer for Auntie Anne’s while the brand operator named new heads of design and real estate.


Slapfish tests menu overhaul around ‘choose your voyage’ customization

Three units in Salt Lake City will begin offering the new format and brand tweaks later this month.

Do they share the pain with patrons or sacrifice margin to spare guests from unpleasant surprises?

Reality Check: A union-affiliated group is blasting ServSafe as an underhanded way of defeating pro-employee legislation. What exactly is the deception? And what about the program's benefits?

It is one of a growing number of providers focused on digitizing wholesale ordering and payments for restaurants.

The Mexican chain’s “Ultimate Gameday Box” features its Mexican Pizza, chicken wings and tacos starting Jan. 26. It also has a special “Wings Filter” on its app showing which restaurants have wings available.

The virtual brand provider will look to offer more options that satisfy whole households, which tend to be heavy delivery users.

It’s the second location for the Chicago-based brand and will include a walk-up to-go window.

Officials confirmed the brand’s first units in the Gem State are expected to open in late 2023.

The restaurants were forced to close for a day but have since reopened. The attack hit the company’s IT systems.

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