Union scores another victory inside Burgerville

For the second time in a week, employees of a unit have voted to become part of an Industrial Workers of the World affiliate.


Friendly’s closes 23 locations

The struggling chain has shuttered a quarter of its locations since 2017.

The company has terminated the operator’s franchise agreements for 37 stores in Texas, one of which was the subject of a video featuring rats in the kitchen.

Seventy-two people in five states have been sickened, but officials say there is no need for restaurants to drop any products.

Restaurants are looking at delivery’s playbook to update the process. But not all the same rules apply.

Wellspring Capital is now the owner of Lucky Strike.

The system’s two largest operators both announced switches in their management ranks.

The nomination of the former Godfather’s CEO is controversial because of his abbreviated run for the presidency in 2012.

The Atlanta-based operator, which also owns Popeyes locations, added a third brand and closed in on 500 restaurants.

The industry has added more than 300,000 employees over the past year.