Tech Check

Joe Guszkowski

Senior Technology Editor Joe Guszkowski looks at the week’s technology trends and news, examining the continued influx of new technologies into restaurants, including mobile ordering, delivery, artificial intelligence, virtual brands, ghost kitchens and robotics.


Are consumers ordering less delivery? It depends on who you ask

Tech Check: There are signs that demand is slowing. But some are finding the convenience too good to quit.


4 things we learned in a wild week for restaurant tech

Tech Check: If you blinked, you may have missed three funding rounds, two acquisitions, a “never-before-seen” new product and a bold executive poaching. Let’s get caught up.

Tech Check: As the industry gets more high-tech, crashes and cyberattacks will become more common. Restaurants should be taking steps to manage their risks.

Tech Check: More restaurants are looking to align their tech stacks from front to back, taking cues from a revolution already underway in retail.

Tech Check: Many restaurants say their programs aren’t working, but the best way to fix them is not yet clear.

Tech Check: Digitizing 100% of orders has become a North Star for some brands. But 90% might be the wiser goal.

Tech Check: Multibrand companies like Inspire and the new GoTo Foods are circling the wagons around technology. Here's why that's a smart idea.

Tech Check: Many view the technology as a knight in shining armor for their labor woes. Is it the start of a lasting relationship, or just puppy love?

Tech Check: Robots are cool, but the hottest tech in restaurants is almost a decade old.

Tech Check: The chain has been a digital juggernaut for years. It apparently believes it can do better with a homegrown system.

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