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Joe Guszkowski

Senior Technology Editor Joe Guszkowski looks at the week’s technology trends and news, examining the continued influx of new technologies into restaurants, including mobile ordering, delivery, artificial intelligence, virtual brands, ghost kitchens and robotics.


How restaurant tech became a risky business

Tech Check: The classic boom-bust tale began with a virus and ended with a bank run. But the bigger story is far from over.


A round of restaurant tech true or false, anyone?

Tech Check: A new report from the National Restaurant Association challenges some conventional wisdom. Can you tell fact from fiction?

Tech Check: Consumers are flocking to the wing chain but not so much for pizza. Here’s why that might be.

Tech Check: The number of delivery-only concepts has nearly doubled this year, according to a company called Kitchen Data Systems, which says it has developed a way to count them.

Tech Check: DoorDash and Uber Eats keep racking up sales. But they're increasingly from places that aren't restaurants.

Tech Check: A newly opened rest station for delivery people is a much-needed amenity. Why didn't delivery providers think of that?

Tech Check: The Perfect Co. gamified the back of house to make workers more efficient. Restaurants are lining up to try it.

Tech Check: AI sensation ChatGPT says workers need not fear its kind. But it may be underestimating restaurants’ labor woes.

Tech Check: Marc Lore's delivery startup is ditching vans for ghost kitchens. It may have stumbled into a winning concept.

Tech Check: This is the stuff that will transform bottom lines, supercharge loyalty programs and start the next viral food trend.

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