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Tech Check

Joe Guszkowski

Senior Technology Editor Joe Guszkowski looks at the week’s technology trends and news, examining the continued influx of new technologies into restaurants, including mobile ordering, delivery, artificial intelligence, virtual brands, ghost kitchens and robotics.


Restaurant tech was due for a pruning

Tech Check: The flourishing industry has been hit with a reality check this year. That might not be such a bad thing.


Customers really don’t like QR code menus

Tech Check: Guests say they cramp the experience and feel like a chore, according to Technomic. They might have to get used to it.

Tech Check: Guests want good service, not more technology. Restaurants need to get better at walking that line.

Tech Check: DoorDash and Grubhub have lost much of their value amid slowing demand and a harsh economy. Is the market overcorrecting?

Tech Check: A report from DoorDash shows that the big apps are increasingly becoming consumers’ chosen method for finding and ordering food to-go.

Tech Check: Many attendees at this year’s National Restaurant Show are shopping for ways to protect their profits.

Tech Check: Carryout is gaining share as delivery slows down and gets more expensive. That’s good news for restaurants.

Tech Check: Despite operators’ efforts, the apps are proving to be a tough habit for customers to break.

Tech Check: From the outside, there’s nothing unusual about the food court at the Mall of India in Naperville, Ill. The kitchen is a different story.

Tech Check: The higher costs could threaten driver supply and make the service even more expensive for customers.

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