Tech Check

Joe Guszkowski

Senior Technology Editor Joe Guszkowski looks at the week’s technology trends and news, examining the continued influx of new technologies into restaurants, including mobile ordering, delivery, artificial intelligence, virtual brands, ghost kitchens and robotics.


Virtual brands' next act: Diversification

Tech Check: As delivery slows, some digitally focused restaurant companies are branching into meal kits, groceries and even airplane food.


It's time to send 'ghost kitchen' to the graveyard

Tech Check: The catch-all term for delivery restaurants is no longer accurate. Let’s lay it to rest and come up with a new label.

Tech Check: By acquiring the struggling Blue Apron, the restaurant delivery concept believes it can touch more dining occasions. But will it work?

Tech Check: Grocery is one of the few industries that may be even less techy than foodservice. Instacart wants to help it catch up, and could get a boost from its IPO.

Tech Check: Restaurants’ war on inflation has intensified over the past year. Can tech provide answers?

Tech Check: As the ghost kitchen company expanded, it treated operators as expendable. It's now reportedly cutting staff and closing locations. The two problems are related.

Tech Check: The development of an AI voice bot puts the delivery giant within shouting distance of fast-food’s biggest channel.

Tech Check: MrBeast wants the brand dead, while his business partner hopes to keep it alive by attacking him. None of this is going to help sell burgers.

Tech Check: The app promises zero commission fees and lower prices, pitching itself as an alternative to the mainstream aggregators. But it may be a while before it rivals giants like DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Tech Check: Everyone loves innovation, but as Toast acknowledged last week, someone has to pay for it.

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