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Joe Guszkowski

Senior Technology Editor Joe Guszkowski looks at the week’s technology trends and news, examining the continued influx of new technologies into restaurants, including mobile ordering, delivery, artificial intelligence, virtual brands, ghost kitchens and robotics.


Food delivery is insanely expensive. Consumers don’t seem to care

Tech Check: The average price of having McDonald’s delivered is nearly 100% more than getting it at the restaurant, a new study finds. Consumers' apparent willingness to pay for it says a lot about modern dining habits.


Multibrand restaurant companies may hold the key to the ghost kitchen model

Tech Check: Burger King owner Restaurant Brands International is the latest conglomerate to stack its concepts in a digital-only format. Here’s why the idea is a slam dunk.

Tech Check: Despite inflation, sales increased at the big providers and at many restaurants. It's starting to look unstoppable, but some red flags remain.

Tech Check: Threats to the independent contractor formula used by DoorDash and other gig companies are piling up. Changes could lead to higher costs and even unionization.

Tech Check: What began as an easy way to boost revenues has become a big, sophisticated business. Here are three questions that will define the future of delivery-only concepts.

Tech Check: Could outsourcing and surge pricing help solve restaurants' existential woes?

Tech Check: The delivery-only model is unlikely to live up to bold early projections. Some recent developments show where it might be headed.

Tech Check: The flourishing industry has been hit with a reality check this year. That might not be such a bad thing.

Tech Check: Guests say they cramp the experience and feel like a chore, according to Technomic. They might have to get used to it.

Tech Check: Guests want good service, not more technology. Restaurants need to get better at walking that line.

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