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New Fla. law could punish compliers with Biden's vaccine mandate

The measure passed last week prohibits employers from requiring staff vaccines unless a wide array of exemptions are also offered.


Denver imposes vax-or-mask mandate as COVID cases climb elsewhere

Starting Nov. 24, restaurants have a choice of either requiring vaccines or facemasks.

On one front, industry groups and state attorneys general are suing to block the measure. On another, unions are suing to expand the scope to smaller businesses. Other stakeholders say the situation is too fluid to halt preparations.

The federal appeals court did not rule on the legality of the requirement, but called it "staggeringly overbroad."

Despite the temporary stay of a federal appellate court, and any subsequent challenge, the historic requirement will go into effect on Jan. 4 as planned, according to a spokesperson.

Restaurants and other large employers have until Jan. 4 to get their workers vaccinated. Employees who refuse will have to wear masks at work starting Dec. 5. The government says it's already looking to expand the scope to include smaller enterprises.

Here's a cheat sheet intended specifically for restaurants. The new rules go into effect on Jan. 4, though some elements will be in place on Dec. 5.

Study after study shows the requirements are hurting sales and ironically intensifying the physical dangers faced by employees, says RB's Reality Check. Fortunately, for every Cujo of a customer, there’s one more like a golden retriever puppy.

Restaurants and other employers can deny the exceptions in instances of "undue burden."

New research has produced a slew of information on the labor plight of the nation and its restaurant industry. Here are four gems that shouldn't slip past you, says RB's Reality Check.

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