Cities roll back restaurant vaccine mandates as omicron sputters

Chicago, New York, Seattle and a number of other jurisdictions are modifying the safety protocols. But masks are not disappearing.


Restaurants to governments: Ditch the mask mandates, but to-go booze can stay

As omicron ebbs, the industry is leaning on governments to end some emergency measures and make others permanent.

The emergency requirement was technically downgraded into a proposed rule, meaning it still could be adopted, but only through the usual prolonged process.

Hours after the Supreme Court struck down a mandate that employees of large companies be vaccinated against COVID-19, the U.S. Department of Labor indicated it would urge companies to make the move on their own volition.

Reality Check: Sure, complying with Biden's mandate would have cost time, money and aggravation. But might the alternative be even worse?

The matter is still not dead because of pending deliberations at the circuit-court level, but the nation's highest court said it expects the requirement to be shot down.

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While the U.S. Supreme Court deliberates, the state is mandating compliance, starting Feb. 24.

Boston and Chicago are both limiting dine-in service to guests who can prove they've been vaccinated against COVID-19, and Oakland is expected to follow.

Employees will now have until Jan. 10 to provide proof of vaccination, and until Feb. 9 if they opt for testing.

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