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Beyond the lawsuits are clear signs of virtual concepts having crested

Reality Check: But there's an asterisk. The delivery-only brands have found their happy place in family dining.


The fight over MrBeast Burger is as good as over

Tech Check: MrBeast wants the brand dead, while his business partner hopes to keep it alive by attacking him. None of this is going to help sell burgers.

The company said the YouTuber’s public criticism of the virtual brand caused up to $100 million in damages. It counters MrBeast’s own lawsuit, which accused the brand of harming his reputation.

The hospitality magnate and virtual brand collector is making a “massive investment” in his new acquisition and sees plenty of growth still ahead.

The company accused MrBeast of “bullying” it for more control of the brand and suing when he didn’t get his way. It has hired lawyers and is preparing to fight the case in court.

The chain is turning its focus inward as part of a turnaround effort, said CEO GJ Hart. It's one of MrBeast Burger's largest fulfillment partners.

After enjoying a pandemic boom, delivery-only restaurant concepts are starting to crack. Six stakeholders explain what happened, and what happens next.

The proposed class action alleges that the company fired 130 workers last month without giving them the 60 days’ notice required under the WARN Act.

Tech Check: The YouTuber’s massive following helped build MrBeast Burger. But that kind of influence can cut both ways.

In now-deleted tweets, the YouTube star said quality-control problems with the virtual band are hurting his image. But shutting it down entirely may be out of his hands.

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