Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry


3 flavor trends driving beverage sales

The rise of specialty beverages is proof positive that for restaurateurs, signature beverage programs are no longer an option—they’re critical for success in today’s competitive marketplace.


The daiquiri gets real

When True Food Kitchen's Mat Snapp reworked a classic daiquiri to add to the cocktail list, it was important to conform to the better-for-you theme.

While early tiki concepts used concentrates and canned juices, today, it’s all about fresh juices and quality ingredients, says Rob Goldberg.

Dairy Queen and Burger King are the most recent chains to join Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Subway, Chipotle, Arby’s and Panera in removing sodas from kids’ menus.

With big players such as Taco Bell and Panera Bread touting their recent moves to all-natural ingredients, it’s never been more important for operators...

Although sales of mass-market sodas have slipped, interest in craft sodas made with natural sweeteners or global and local flavors is rising.

Although operators do have customers who are loyal to the beer they drank in college, there is increasing demand for smaller-batch beers, seasonal brews and those with a local pedigree.

Boost the check by refreshing the menu with signature lemonades.

Delays that pile up over a service period not only diminish the guest experience, they can result in lost profits. Savvy operators are taking steps to pick up the pace.

Restaurant operators in California are learning how to cope with the water shortage. Here’s what you can learn from them.