Consumer Trends

Customers will pay more for better atmosphere

Patrons may grumble when restaurants raise food prices, but they seem willing to spend more for better service. According to a survey of 500 consumers from American Express MarketBriefing, diners would spend more money for pleasant atmosphere, cleanliness and friendly staff than they would for healthier menu items or freshly baked bread.

  • 62% of respondents would pay more for an improved atmosphere at dinner; 59% for lunch; 54% for breakfast
  • 58% would pay for an exceptionally clean restaurant at dinner; 54% for lunch and breakfast, respectively
  • 57% indicated a friendly staff at dinner justified increased costs; 55% for lunch; 53% for breakfast
  • 45% would pay more for freshly baked bread at dinner; 42% for lunch; 45% for breakfast
  • 43% would pay for healthier items at dinner; 43% for lunch; 38% for breakfast


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