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Consumer Trends

Consumer trends, insights and preferences

Consumer Trends

Consumers are optimistic, but pandemic eating habits die hard

Revenue Management Solutions gauged Americans’ dining behavior and attitudes through a recent survey.

Consumer Trends

Chick-fil-A remains the No. 1 restaurant for teens

Chick-fil-A is joined by Starbucks and Chipotle on the latest Taking Stock with Teens spending survey from Piper Sandler.

Technomic polled consumers in 25 countries to discover which proteins rose to the top of the pie.

Even as vaccinations increase and restrictions decrease, restaurant customers are not changing their behavior so fast.

Consumers gave high marks to limited-time offers featuring sweets and comfort foods.

The latest data from the Produce for Better Health Foundation reveals that Americans are eating less vegetables and fruit.

Consumers rate the french fries they find most craveable.

Restaurant chains in other parts of the world are taking their food on the road.

New research shows how consumer behavior changed amid the pandemic and the extent to which it will stick.

Single-meal and big-group orders lost share of spend to tabs in the $20-$80 range.

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