Consumer Trends

Consumer trends, insights and preferences

Consumer Trends

Menu experts survey today’s, tomorrow’s trends

Health and emerging ethnic styles feed into consumer demand.

Consumer Trends

Study details c-stores’ success in stealing QSR patrons

The report shows that a high percentage of young people are buying meals more often from the rival retail channel.

For operators, nothing is more important than guest satisfaction—it’s the difference between traffic-boosting positive reviews and negative scores on online sites such as Yelp. Restaurant operators ne...

The meatless chain is launching a big-order off-premise business based on burger, taco meat and fried chicken analogs.

Operators can appeal to parents by including the kids’ menu in off-premise offerings.

Unhealthy eating patterns not only can harm the health of a vast group of Americans but, according to the researchers, can also have a negative social and economic impact on the entire country.

Consumers’ interest in a healthier, more sustainable dining experience has fueled the rise of several guest demographics that should be on restaurant operators’ radar.

Health-focused chains with customizable menus are among the Top 500’s biggest winners.

Operators are building their short-term draws around turkey to provide something healthful and out of the ordinary, yet not intimidating.

LTOs help keep restaurants top of mind in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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