Consumer Trends

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Consumer Trends

How to demystify QSR customers

Today’s quick-service restaurant (QSR) marketers know their customers better than ever before. Advancements in technology and data capabilities have empowered them to connect with consumers in more me...

Consumer Trends

Pret A Manger buys a chain to fuel Veggie Pret’s growth

Pret parent JAB is adding the U.K.’s Eat to its stable, but for its conversion potential.

Expert insights revealed that bar programs, breakfast and premiumization are among the trends powering growth in the restaurant industry.

Health and emerging ethnic styles feed into consumer demand.

The report shows that a high percentage of young people are buying meals more often from the rival retail channel.

For operators, nothing is more important than guest satisfaction—it’s the difference between traffic-boosting positive reviews and negative scores on online sites such as Yelp. Restaurant operators ne...

The meatless chain is launching a big-order off-premise business based on burger, taco meat and fried chicken analogs.

Operators can appeal to parents by including the kids’ menu in off-premise offerings.

Unhealthy eating patterns not only can harm the health of a vast group of Americans but, according to the researchers, can also have a negative social and economic impact on the entire country.

Consumers’ interest in a healthier, more sustainable dining experience has fueled the rise of several guest demographics that should be on restaurant operators’ radar.

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