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Consumer Trends

Instant Intel: Better-for-you menu trends

Consumers are rethinking what makes foods healthy.

Consumer Trends

Uncovering new occasions for traffic growth in foodservice

Understanding the reasons consumers choose to dine out can help boost sales.

Restaurants can't afford to ignore this group of consumers.

Operators shouldn’t jeopardize business by wooing younger consumers to the exclusion of older diners.

Not all the fights threatening trouble for restaurants are raging within the industry proper.

Shifting demands are reshaping the morning meal.

New Technomic data reveals which brands are winning over diners with their playlists—and which are prompting some to plug their ears.

Critics say the measure would still have a negative effect on area jobs.

New data from Technomic shows changes in millennial behavior, which can be directly linked to a need for convenience.

Consumers give high marks to six chains that differentiate the menu and experience.