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Consumer Trends

4 ways to make the kids’ menu healthier

Here's how restaurants can step up to the plate and satisfy both the parents’ desire for better-for-you options and kids’ desire for tasty food.

Consumer Trends

Top tips for making your restaurant appealing to families

It's crucial for family restaurants to offer kid-friendly menu items as well as family-friendly atmospheres. Here are some tips for upping your restaurant's family appeal. 

How can restaurants appeal to the growing number of diners interested in family dining? Here’s a few ideas for inspiration.

Whether it’s speedy delivery services or unique menu items, restaurants have a lot of work cut out for them when it comes to remaining relevant for diners of all ages.

Check out these tips for insight on what to offer diners in 2019.

Here are four straightforward activities that can be effective traffic drivers.

Consumers are focused on what they drink, both in terms of health attributes and how it impacts the planet.

Here’s a preview of the currents forming in faraway places that could go worldwide soon.

A new Forbes ranking, plus Technomic consumer data, reveal which companies have the best reputation.

Recent eruptions suggest customers are losing perspective when a restaurant visit doesn’t go perfectly. But decide for yourself from these noteworthy examples.