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Consumer Trends

Couples tend to splurge on Valentine's Day, spreading love to high-end restaurants

Check averages go up on and around Feb. 14, but while guests may open their wallets for a pricey dinner, tips take a dip.

Consumer Trends

Value-driven combo meals more popular outside the U.S.

Restaurant customers in Latin America are the biggest purchasers of combo meals, according to Technomic.

McDonald’s and Chipotle have seen a shift in business from earlier in the day toward dinner, according to data from And that shift seems permanent.

Crystal balls tend to be hazy. Here are some what-ifs that may be difficult to tune in.

Consumers purchased breakfast at restaurants more frequently over the past year and the biggest spenders were men.

The platform’s annual report tracks more than sales. It provides a snapshot of the eating and drinking trends driving diners’ decisions.

Projections call for heavy purchases of both on-premise and to-go meals, while consumers are already spending more on gift cards.

As menu prices rise at fast-food restaurants, customers are looking to convenience stores for meal deals.

Restaurant Rewind: Deep-frying a whole bird is no longer a novelty. But the alternative prep method was largely unknown until recent decades. Here's how the process evolved from crazy notion to viable option.

About 25% of shoppers cooked for themselves or purchased ready-to-eat supermarket items during 2023, compared with a 17% rate last year.

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