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Consumer Trends

Just when you thought you understood millennials, their demands shifted

New data from Technomic shows changes in millennial behavior, which can be directly linked to a need for convenience.

Consumer Trends

Can menu uniqueness boost visits in casual dining?

Consumers give high marks to six chains that differentiate the menu and experience.

Changing customer demographics could mean operators need to cater differently to diners, says Technomic.

Part of Adam Hasley’s job at the National Restaurant Association is reading the future. Here’s some of what he’s seeing.

Some 10% of millennial diners say they never leave gratuity when dining out.

It looks like Canadian restaurateurs will reap the benefits first, but U.S. operators need to catch up, big time.

When it comes to consumers’ menu preferences this spring and summer, it pays to go seasonal.

In addition to the basic rules of menu psychology, operators can use their digital menus and self-order kiosks to gather data from ordering experiences.

From sandwiches to seafood, better quality foods, brand name items and healthier options mean more consumer interest. For operators, there’s opportunity to cash in.

The opportunities provided by the legalization of cannabis for recreational use are about to be within reach of food and beverage places.