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Consumer Trends

Consumer trends, insights and preferences

Consumer Trends

Families are big business—don’t ignore the youngest customer

About half of millennials now have children, and they remain big patrons of restaurants.

Consumer Trends

Which chains sell the most-craveable wings?

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, here are the chains with the most-craveable chicken wings, according to Technomic consumer data.

Despite struggles for the segment, consumers have their favorites for special occasions and other dining trips when an experience is paramount.

Successful new menu items should combine plant- and animal-based ingredients, rather than going fully vegetarian or vegan, to appeal to the widest pool of diners.

Few chains embody the blend of service and convenience reflected in this year’s consumer favorite.

Millennial parents visit restaurants more than any group, and they spend more, too, according to Technomic.

More diners are ordering sides, appetizers and small plates at restaurants. See five more trends from this menu part and how operators can leverage them.

Third-party delivery platforms are well-positioned with ample delivery partners and robust marketing strategies to help restaurants get set up for success.

Blind consumers say the cards are discriminatory because Braille versions aren’t available.

Consumers are becoming more health conscious as they seek food with health benefits of plant-centric dishes, concentrating on protein and flavor of foods.

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