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Consumer Trends

Defining ‘snack’ isn’t easy

The label is being applied to a far broader array of choices today.

Consumer Trends

Who's the off-peak customer?

Think younger and less traditional.

Consumers are enticed by LTOs and interesting menu items, but that’s not the whole story.

Are menus continuing to shrink or has the trend leveled off?

With so many restaurants offering delivery, how does a brand stand out? Here are three newly announced attempts.

Look for an introduction to Balkan fare, a disruption in third-party delivery and a shift in consumers’ social media use, says the researcher.

The retail giant hopes to come up with a shopping and entertainment center that’s viable for the times. Foodservice options figure prominently into the plan.

Newly released Technomic data shows which brands are scoring points for charitable endeavors.

A new dispensary is acting like a takeout-only restaurant, complete with specials and online ordering.

No, says a just-released study of consumer behavior.