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Consumer Trends

What are the best and worst sales days for indies?

A new study tracked consumer spending at independent restaurants every day for a year.

Consumer Trends

How to snag more guests from online review sites

A new study shows what information consumers weigh most heavily in choosing a restaurant via an online review site, and how operators can tip that decision in their favor.

A new analysis also shows what differentiates a good user-generated review from a negative one.

Check out these four trending ideas for desserts that are heating up on social media right now.

Get to know the consumers spending on booze at restaurants—and those who aren’t.

Cooking demos and on-premise ads aren’t doing it for most diners, but these five things are.

After chasing millennials for the last several years, many operators are turning focus back to baby boomers.

Customers share which brands have the menu items they most crave and can’t get anywhere else.

Consumers rate the brands they see as the top players in takeout.

Discover what's driving diners’ behavior in 2018.