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Consumer Trends

5 restaurant trends to watch for in 2019

Here’s a peek at some of the can’t-miss trends to watch for.

Consumer Trends

Soft pretzels' popularity proliferates

Check out the snacking trends surrounding this pub favorite.

Consumers are choosing seafood more often. Check out what's trending in the category here.

Here's how operators can make comfort foods new and exciting while also satisfying the desire for familiar flavors.

Check out what's trending in the world of soup to prep for the warm season.

Limited-time offers that stand out from the crowd can appeal to consumers.

Whether it’s speedy delivery services or unique menu items, restaurants have a lot of work cut out for them when it comes to remaining relevant for diners of all ages.

Just-released Technomic data reveals which brands consumers say have the highest-quality to-go containers.

How can restaurants appeal to the growing number of diners interested in family dining? Here’s a few ideas for inspiration.

It's crucial for family restaurants to offer kid-friendly menu items as well as family-friendly atmospheres. Here are some tips for upping your restaurant's family appeal. 

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