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Consumer Trends

What's driving diners' choices around meat?

Consumers are clearly interested in more veggies at the center of the plate—but that doesn’t mean meat is losing favor. So what’s resonating with meat eaters?

Consumer Trends

What do consumers want from casual dining?

See what diners are saying about the sector as restaurants look to revitalize.

Operations that combine food, drink and activities are gaining nighttime fans.

The meat-centric chain has lifted the napkin off its first “megetable,” the carrot-like (but turkey-based) Marrot.

Whether blue or red in 2020, they’re against extending menu labeling.

Consumers were tempted by the combination of flavors and ingredients in these limited-time offers.

Consumers’ reasons for dining out vary widely, though convenience and a tasty meal are at the top of the list for many. For some, going out to eat might be an indulgence. Others seek out restaurants t...

Check out these hacks for maximizing warm-weather sales.

These promotion ideas offer a more sophisticated take on “kids eat free”.

Explore ways to appeal to busy parents and little appetites.

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