Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


Snacks and meals continue to blur

The three-meals-a-day routine is a relic of the past, as eating patterns conform to today’s busy lifestyles.


Five midyear beverage trends bubbling up now

With summer here, there’s a lot of call for liquid refreshment, both alcoholic and non. Here are the latest beverage trends, according to data from Chicago-based research firm, Technomic.

A scan of the restaurant industry as it mobilizes for the busy holiday season reveals three ripples that could surge into full-fledged trends.

While salads remain the go-to healthy choice in restaurants—76 percent of consumers order salads with some frequency, according to Chicago researcher Technomic—49 percent of patrons would like more varied options.

Chefs and industry folks aren’t the only ones who blend pleasure and profession over restaurant meals. At Winsight Media, we are constantly tracking trends.

Low-cost indulgences by the big burger chains, the next steps in customization, and turning cabbage—the pickled type—into the green type.

In our latest roundup of offbeat offerings, french fries gain ground as a garnish, the Whopperito is born, and we dive into the mystery that is the McFloat.

New menu items prove that operators are still going after the next tasty flavor pairing to be discovered.

As we head into mid-January, healthy eating may still be top of mind for many diners. Nevertheless, a majority of consumers veer toward indulgence when at restaurants.

To get your customers into the spirit, offer a variety of savory and sweet pies—not all taking on the usual circular shape that links them to the mathematical pi.

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