Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


3 steps to crafting a great chicken sandwich

Although already a perennial favorite with consumers, chicken sandwiches are showing no signs of flying the coop: This category has grown 2.7% since 2016, according to Technomic’s MenuMonitor. With th...


As snacking rises, here's how to lure snackers' attention through the menu

Operators are turning to both obvious and catchy names for new menu sections that tap into the snacking trend.

Chicken breast has been the darling of restaurant and home kitchens for a couple of decades, touted for its versatility and health benefits. But lately, operators and consumers are beginning to suffer from white meat fatigue.

Economists tend to bicker, but there was at least one source of agreement in their 2013 forecasts: food prices are going to increase 2 to 4 percent this year. With restaurant patrons still pinching pennies, raising menu prices may not be the best solution. So what are the alternatives?

Baked pastas have stood the test of time at the 217-unit Fazoli’s, the Italian quickservice chain based in Lexington, Ky. This fall, Darren Gray, director of culinary innovation, tweaked the formula to create a new LTO: Primo Pizza Baked Sacchetti.

It’s never been more competitive in the burger category. Not only are “better burger” concepts proliferating, QSRs and sports grills are upping the ante and casual and fine-dining chefs are serving inspired signatures. So how do you get consumers to choose your burger?

Big names are grabbing a piece of this hot segment.

By trial and error, Sotto restaurant in Cincinnati perfects a made-from-scratch, gluten-free pasta dough.

Senior Associate Editor Sara Rush offers her picks of the concept types that are most likely to thrive or dive in 2015.

The disruption of the egg supply has come home to roost, but ingenuity in sourcing has kept operators from yanking eggs off menus.

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