Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


4 intriguing menu ideas from Japan

New offerings range from the interesting and stealable, to the out there and way out there.


What happens when we run out of fish?

See why operators have looked for sustainable and affordable alternatives to wild-caught seafood.

Growth in the restaurant industry will come near-term from grabbing market share from other concepts, said Warren Solochek, vice president of foodservice for The NPD Group.

Many Asian restaurants rely on imported dried and canned ingredients to create dishes close to the originals. But that’s not the way chef Gregory Gourdet cooks at Departure, a modern Pan-Asian spot in Portland, Oregon.

These days, fussy consumers—and chefs—want local and/or seasonal fruits and vegetables on the menu, often along with the name of the farm.

Patrons at Mexican restaurants in the U.S. usually don’t expect the seasons to drive the menu. But at Orale Mexican Kitchen in Jersey City, N.J., sourcing local, seasonal produce is a priority of consulting chef James Muir—and his menu reflects it.

The Columbus, Ohio-based Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern has 15 locations, but only the Indianapolis store serves up a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. The reason? Consumer demand for this regional Hoosier specialty could not be ignored.

A steakhouse cuts food costs by substituting an underutilized cut of beef for filet mignon.

The fried fish sandwich is a staple in limited service, but few chains have taken a deeper dive.

Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar sell several tons of chicken wings, however, the bar staple wasn't as popular with female customers—about half of its clientele. To develop a lighter version, R&D started with unbreaded chicken-breast chunks which it bakes instead of fries. Guests ordering the wings can have them tossed with one of the same 30 sauces available on all the wings.

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