Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


6 specialty fast casuals to watch

One of the fastest-growing segments in fast casual is “specialty," as operators look to carve out their own niche in underrepresented cuisines such as Middle Eastern and fusion rather than compete in the crowded mainstream sectors. Here’s a look at some recently launched specialty fast casuals, from an Asian-Texas restaurant to a Roman pizza-sandwich concept.


7 menus that move turkey out of its comfort zone

Chicken still rules the roost, but consumers want to see more turkey on menus.

These recipes, shared with attendees at the 23rd Annual Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference at UMass Amherst, tap into some of today’s top trends.

Operators continue to seize the opportunity to raise the bar on cheese in a variety of ways.

Widespread availability of fry options means that for operators to stand out, it’s key to offer a signature twist.

The catering option serves 10 or more guests and allows them to customize their own burger.

A blended option at Burgh'ers now brings in 10-15% of weekly revenue.

Diners are seeking meals with fresh, clean ingredients, and salads certainly fit that bill. Lately, there’s been an increased interest in three classic preparations. Here’s how chefs are reinventing them.

Chains, put these ingredients on your culinary radar.

Time-crunched consumers are increasingly eating breakfast on the run. Try these convenient grab-and-go recipes to help them fuel up in the morning.

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