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Pushing boundaries on the wine list

Bound’ry’s decanting ceremony is a bit of theater that helps sell more wine. For young, tannic wines the restaurant employs a “flash decanter” to aerate the wine—a process performed at the table. Beforehand, the guest is given a sip straight from the bottle so that they can taste the difference.


Spring sourcing in Napa

Chefs in other parts of the country are often envious of their peers cooking in the Napa Valley. After all, local foods and wines are superlative and bountiful and the climate, balmy. But even in this idyllic setting, spring can be a tease.

A dessert with a variety of facets “eats better,” claims Patti Dellamonica-Bauler, pastry chef of One Market Restaurant. At this San Francisco dining spot, desserts often explore various flavor aspects of a star ingredient. “It’s about taking things that relate to an ingredient and finding different ways to present them and reinforce the theme,” says Dellamonica-Bauler.

In the U.S., the cities with the greatest number of bars per capita also tend to have the most pizza restaurants, according to recent research conducted by Infogroup Targeting Solutions.

A gluten-free turkey pot pie that's kid-tested and approved.

Perhaps it’s due to rising beef prices, a craving for comfort classics or the Southern-food trend, but fried chicken is getting serious attention in every segment.

To eliminate veto votes from the growing number of guests requesting vegetarian options at its 12 locations, Fresh to Order, a fast casual based in Atlanta, made a switch.

New products have played a key role in Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen’s turnaround. Here’s how one of the newest made it to the Delta-inspired chain’s menu.

Growth in the mature better-burger market is likely to come from a sweet spot—QSR-plus, a segment marked by made-to-order food and below-fast-casual prices.

New tabletop and bar tweaks are intended to provide a point of difference.

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