Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


7 culinary spins on Oktoberfest

Beer still stars during this annual promotion, but food pairings are getting more play on some menus this year.


From fancy to fast casual

Upscale concept The Nomad adapts its popular chicken entree for fast casual.

Consumers continue to be warming to the idea of trying new foods and flavors, and looking at food trends making their presence known for 2018, that doesn’t seem to be changing.

Rushed, unpredictable schedules, as well as the latest menu trends, call for snacks that satisfy at any time of day. These recipes are a must-try at the holidays.

Soup, served warm or chilled, is versatile for every season and provides a blank canvas for trending superfood ingredients.

Today, restaurants are expanding on this classic lunch combo. Here are four ways operators can attract diners with soup combos.

Here are some of the veg-centric players in this new area of competition.

Chicken is the most popular protein on menus and continues to be a cost-effective choice. It also adapts well to global flavors, as these five recipes show.

Bucking convention is key to the menu strategy at Just Be Kitchen.

Quite a few restaurants mix up their own soft drinks these days, but Oak at Fourteenth in Boulder, Colorado, takes the idea a step further by bottling housemade sodas with a high-tech double carbonation system.

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