New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

6 heads-up restaurant developments from overseas

Our usual roundup of head-spinning moments is pre-empted this week by an early look at head-raising news from the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference.


The trump impact—where are we now?

A year after the public put a businessman in the White House for the first time, restaurateurs are still judging the effects.

McDonald’s, Subway and others introduce new offers this week as industry competitiveness continues.

The casual-dining chain plans to buy out small shareholders to cut costs.

The burrito chain closed Tasty Made just months after it hired a celebrity chef to lead it.

Here’s a look at five areas where franchisees with leverage are finding wiggle room in franchisor contracts.

The burger giant's long-range growth plan is intended to bolster takeout and delivery sales in a big way.

The normally well-behaved restaurant industry sank deeply into snark in recent weeks, bashing one another in hopes of drawing favorable notice.

The warning flare was fired during our Restaurant Trends & Directions conference in Chicago, when many a QSR manager might have been wondering why they weren’t getting as many summer job candidates as they had in the past.

Whether it’s simply moving lunch to an outdoor location or offering a full off-premises banquet and catering service, there’s money to be made offsite. But preparing and holding food often requires specialized equipment.

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