Dine Brands' new parental leave policy was employees' idea

The perk for new parents came from Women at Dine, one of the company’s staff resource groups. “The idea made great sense,” said new Chief People Officer Sarah Cannon-Foster.


Applebee's to close more restaurants than it expected this year

The chain said it will finish 2023 with 25 to 35 fewer U.S. locations after identifying more underperforming stores.

The Dine Brands concepts said guests are gravitating toward discounts and opting for pickup over delivery as prices continue to rise.

The brands will also make their debuts in France, Belgium and the Netherlands through a partnership with Franklin Junction, which matches brands with “host kitchens” that sell their food for delivery only.

A new American Consumer Satisfaction Index survey shows the public perceives the sector as offering better quality for the money.

Value-hungry consumers continue to visit Applebee’s and IHOP. And executives said prices could start to ease soon.

Sarah Cannon-Foster will be in charge of helping the owner of Applebee’s, IHOP and Fuzzy’s develop talent across all levels of the business.

The franchisor plans to offer aggressive incentives and new prototypes to make opening restaurants more appealing. "We need to do our part," the new leader said.

Hundreds of stores have dropped the delivery concept after it became too complex to operate.

The chain expected to return to net new unit growth this year. Instead it will close more restaurants than it opens again, citing high costs and underwhelming returns.

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