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For big Burger King franchisee Carrols, 8 months makes a world of difference

The operator’s stock surged again on Thursday, and is the year’s best performing, following “one of the best quarters in the company’s 63-year history.”


Burger King, an international powerhouse, looks to translate some of that success back home

The Miami-based burger chain is thriving outside the U.S. as operators push growth. But it is pulling back domestically as it works on a comeback.

Chicken & Waffle and Chicken Parm Fries are available for a limited time exclusively in Boston.

Check out the transcript of RB Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Maze's interview with Burger King's president of U.S. and Canada. Curtis talks about Burger King's turnaround, operational improvements, marketing and franchising.

The Bottom Line: Burger King’s struggles last year were emblematic of the chain’s long history. The brand under Tom Curtis suggests things are turning around. But the biggest challenge is to keep it going.

A Deeper Dive: Tom Curtis, president of Burger King in the U.S. and Canada, joins the podcast to talk about the chain’s “Reclaim the Flame” comeback strategy and its progress.

The fast-food burger chain said it would not support a process in which operator Meridian Restaurants emerges from bankruptcy still owning its restaurants, joining with the franchisee's creditors in pushing for a sale.

The Bottom Line: The burger chain’s unit volumes have lagged its competitors. One reason has been a morning daypart that hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. Can the brand’s new management fix it?

The fast-food chain is expanding its morning menu with a test of the new Smoky Maple Chicken Biscuit in two markets.

The fast-food burger chain’s largest operator said its same-store sales increased 11.7% in the first quarter, and much of that went to the bottom line.

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