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Consumer Trends

Panera, Cinnabon, Applebee’s aim for new delivery occasions

With so many restaurants offering delivery, how does a brand stand out? Here are three newly announced attempts.

Kristen Hartman will exit a corporate marketing role to oversee day to day operations of the 1,400-unit chain.

Customers share which brands have the menu items they most crave and can’t get anywhere else.

The Cookie BonBite will be available beginning Dec. 4 for a limited time.

The experts who speculated at FSTEC about restaurant technology's direction definitely saw some curves ahead.

Focus Brands’ snack chain is known for its fresh-baked cinnamon rolls and specialty coffees

Known for its signature fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, specialty beverages and on-the-go appeal

Together, the specialty LSR category increased sales by 8.6%, to $6.9 billion, and units by 5.2%, to 11,070.

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