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Del Taco comps up for the 17th consecutive quarter

The chain attributes part of its success to the addition of queso blanco to its menu.

CHICAGO (January 26, 2011 - Business Wire)—Last summer’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico released an estimated 200 million gallons of oil over the course...

Aiming to deliver healthful, high-quality food, Choi is partnering with like-minded San Francisco chef Daniel Patterson to launch Loco’l in spring 2015.

Levy, CEO of Levy Acquisition Corp. and a restaurateur who recently announced plans to buy the Mexican-American chain, and others are accused of limiting shareholders’ ability to elect directors and influence important transactions.

Citing climbing commodity costs, the Mexican chain increased the price of its steak and barbacoa offerings 4 to 6 percent nationwide.

With Taco Cabana's parent reportedly attracting interest from private equity, here's a look at other fast-casual taco brands seeing investments from such firms.

Some of the latest LTOs and menu additions underscore the willingness of even mass-market brands to experiment.

Seasonal promotions for fish and shellfish dishes are accelerating at chains.

While Lucy Mexican Barbecue had opened in a space within ABC, its immediate predecessor had failed to thrive there, and its curb presence was minimal.

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