Golden Corral


Golden Corral takes a step away from the buffet

The new fast-casual Homeward Kitchen concept is finally getting ready to open in December.


With 2 new concepts coming, 50-year-old Golden Corral refuses to act its age

The buffet operation is commemorating its golden anniversary with initiatives aimed at keeping it around for the next 50 years. That includes the launch of fast-casual and steakhouse concepts.

Activists are offering bounties for a spotting, as they did recently for a heads-up on Brett Kavanaugh.

A Deeper Dive: Lance Trenary, CEO of Golden Corral, joins the podcast to talk about labor, supply chain and Congress’s failure to replenish the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

The buffet chain's CEO was named on Saturday as this year's winner of the Gold Plate.

Freddy's Scott Redler was elected vice chairman, and Michigan's Jeff Lodbell was named treasurer.

A new publicity campaign highlights the efforts of selected operators to economically and socially support the communities they serve.

The former Applebee’s executive will take over marketing for the North Carolina-based buffet chain.

The sector’s biggest players indulged in considerable reinvention attempts as they felt the loss of breakfast and particular challenges at off-premise.

Eric Holm, whose company has emerged from bankruptcy, said his surviving units are approaching where they were in 2019.

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