10 Groundbreaking Concepts

10 groundbreaking concepts: 2014

As concepts fight for a foothold in the crowded restaurant industry, determination to be on the cutting edge drives many decisions. These 10 groundbreakers all pushed the envelope during the last 12 months in terms of both design and operation, bending traditions and blurring lines within their typical space to set new directions.

From the explosion of eatertainment to Yum's fast-casual flops, we look back at some of our "groundbreaking concepts" of the last two years to see which ideas flourished and which ones flopped.

The colonel mascot promotes its signature secret-recipe chicken prepared with 11 herbs and spices

Technomic finds that similar consumer demands—such as increased snacking and plant-forward plates—are driving menus around the world.

Truett Cathy, who died Monday at age 93, is being remembered as a billionaire conservative whose life work, the Chick-fil-A quick-service chain, has served up as much controversy as it has chicken sandwiches. That doesn’t jibe with the man I remember from a long lunch a decade ago.

Two investors have agreed to buy an undisclosed stake in the Yum Brands' division when it's spun off. The parent company also set a date for the spinoff: Oct. 31.

Recent partnerships won social media buzz for these limited-service brands.

The attacks were very different, and targeted restaurants that appeared to have no connection.

Developments that seemed improbable a short while ago were reclassified this week as distinct possibilities. And that includes the chance of seeing more In-N-Outs in cosmopolitan centers.

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