Chains with the most memorable advertising by gender

The concepts winning with their marketing efforts aren’t necessarily grabbing the full audience. Here’s a look at the chains resonating with different genders as well as those scoring with both.


This time, a woman will play Colonel Sanders

KFC is changing spokespersons again for the rollout of its new Smoky Mountain BBQ. This time, the founder's whites will be worn by a country music star.

KFC reportedly claims Paris Packaging of Paris, Texas, changed the content of the black ink on the containers so it now includes carbon, which may catch fire...

We asked our in-house experts who they think will soon be in a white suit and string tie.

From voice recognition ordering terminals to branded video game characters that will take your order while you play, chains are putting today’s latest tech to use in novel ways.

But its sister chain KFC stumbles in the fourth quarter amid intense competition.

2012 is here and brings a couple of changes to the way Restaurant Business magazine and Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights around what consumers watch and buy, report the Restaurant Growth Index.

This week: KFC ditches the Colonel for its spinoff. Automatic tips come under scrutiny. Laying off employees via text is a bad idea. Shutting down your restaurant mid meal is even worse.

To boost appeal with consumers and stay competitive, the chain is taking a page from, well, itself.

No reason was given for the departure of Aylwin Lewis.

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