2017 Top 500: Chicken

The limited-service chicken category overall increased total sales by 8% to $22.2 billion and grew units by 4% to 14,166.


Would a trade war hurt McDonald's and KFC?

Anti-U.S. sentiment could hurt American brands eager to expand in Asia, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Pegging the financial impact is difficult at present, the franchisor said in an SEC filing, but the damage will likely be “material.” Yum noted that it stopped using the supplier of suspect meat after a Chinese TV station aired scenes of food safety lapses.

The new attention-getters have less to do with the food than the quantities in which it's served.

Diners deem the chicken chain’s quirky Colonel Sanders ads among the most memorable

A bent piece of fried chicken replaces the bun in the chicken giant’s latest stealth product, and everyone from John Stewart to USA Today is talking about it.

A New Brunswick-based operator of KFCs and Pizza Huts plans to develop the bakery-cafes across Canada.

KFC is tinkering with a new health-minded concept, while also testing life as a retailer. And those aren't the only transformations that snared attention.

Restaurants’ attempts to be better corporate citizens backfired spectacularly this week, supporting the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished.

Sales slipped at Pizza Hut and in the parent company’s China segment.

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