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Mimi's: From France to Anaheim

From the fields of post-war france to the world of casual dining. At least that's how part of the Mimi's story goes.

Manufacturer Spotlight February 2006

Foodservice suppliers provide a look at products designed to make an operator’s job easier.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Dec. 2, 2009)—The National Restaurant Association’s annual survey of more than 1,800 professional chefs – members of the American...

Food trucks have gone from grease wagon status to uber-cool, next-gen frontier almost overnight. Sure, they've been around a long time and in markets like Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Austin, Texas, they're a well-entrenched part of the local food scene. But over the past two years—in sync with both the recession and the rise of social media—food trucks have caught the fancy of a whole new group of operators and customers, alike.

The annual “What’s Hot” survey of 1,800 chefs by the National Restaurant Association pegged gluten-free/food allergy-conscious items as No. 7 on the top 10 trends list this year. That’s up a notch from its 2011 position.

Asian, Latin and Mediterranean have dominated the "ethnic" category on menus for at least a decade. Now, Datassential's data analysis of U.S. Chains and Independents in 2012 revealed that niche ingredients and flavors within these big three are emerging.

Restaurant operators are gearing up for the next major phase of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act: counting employee hours. Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, businesses must begin monthly accounting of employee hours to determine their status under the law and whether they will be required to provide health insurance to their full-time workers in 2015.

The guest list at the launch for Umami Burger’s Chicago unit had the typical folks: bigwigs, friends, the media. Also invited to sample the menu on the house: two uniformed police officers. Why? Brand advocacy. Local police are visible, influential community leaders, says Umami CEO Paul Clayton. Plus, it can’t hurt to have the law looking out for the place.

For restaurateurs concerned about high commission fees paid to popular online ordering services, lesser-known apps may help alleviate that strain.

In spite of rising beef costs, the fast-food giant went ahead with previously leaked plans to increase the size of the staple item’s burger patty.

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