Olive Garden

The week in ideas, October 21, 2011

Another week, another Guinness Record. Olive Garden tries to fix a bad idea. An upstate New York restaurant gets certified. And, really, wasn’t it just a matter of time before Jon Bon Jovi found his way into The Week in Ideas?

Darden’s comps rise 1.6%

The company raised its outlook for the full fiscal year.

One brand stood out among the eateries preferred by teens, who continue to spend more at restaurants than they do at clothing stores.

Bad ideas. Good ideas. Questionable ideas. And a couple of restaurants doing what restaurants are supposed to do: show hospitality.

The organization wants the Italian chain’s ad schedule curbed.

The appeal of limited-time offers—an opportunity to get new customers in the door and increase visits from regulars, as well as the accompanying bump in checks and sales—is clear.

Only 1,000 of the passes will be sold, and all via the chain’s website.

There's no denying that the legacy casual-dining concepts aren't scoring any points with millennials right now. But why? Here are three areas operators might want to consider if they want to get them back in the door.

A “back to basics” approach helps most of Darden’s casual-dining concepts generate sales.

A new to-go system pushed up Q2 takeout sales by 13%

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