Pizza Hut


5 off-the-wall menu items chains are banking on

Burger-inspired beer is just one of the over-the-top offerings debuted by chains in recent weeks.


Pizza Hut's recovery gains speed

But its sister chain KFC stumbles in the fourth quarter amid intense competition.

A system unveiled at a European conference enables a driver to order and pay for a pie hands-free, then have a server waiting outside to deliver the order.

Big names in the restaurant business are exploring new avenues for growth. Here's the updated road map.

Secret menus were once the way chains let hardcore fans know they were special. Now the means may well be doughnut- and pizza-themed sneakers.

The parent of Taco Bell and KFC has opened an upscale concept in China, Atto Primo, to test new menu items and service innovations in that key market. The Italian-inspired menu features such choices as beef tartare and seafood linguine.

All signs point to voice recognition capabilities.

At a public hearing this week, members of the industry blasted the labeling requirements likely to roll out for chain restaurants as soon as December.

How to beat the winter blahs, mind control and “fake news” are part of operators’ latest marketing efforts overseas.

Top franchise companies are driving growth, finds researcher Technomic's Top 400 Franchise Report. The 200 largest franchisees grew sales 8.2 percent in 2014, 2.5 times the rate of the Top 500 chains. Unit growth among these companies, too, was three times higher than their franchisors.

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