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Waffle House


The clockless sandwich

The limitless possibilities of making a meal between two slices of bread have catapulted the sandwich into new menu territory. Breakfast and lunch sandwiches still dominate, but these days, bars and late night menus are featuring mini ethnic sandwiches and full-service restaurants tout overstuffed dinner-size versions.


Think Different

It’s been done with hamburgers, with cocktails, with Mexican QSR. Take a familiar concept, one with a degree of built-in familiarity and consumer acceptance, and differentiate it—around the ingredients, the menu, the presentation, the service model. Make it unique and craveable, make it stand out from the competition; just don’t make it so strange that customers don’t know what to make of it.

For restaurateurs on the road, dining out is never just a quest for a delicious meal. It’s a mission to gather inspiration and intelligence from other concepts—from operational gurus to the competition. This is the dining guide for you.

Successful menu additions keeps guests coming back for more, a key strategy in today’s traffic-challenged climate.

Consumers are going to want more variety and excitement in 2015, the result of an improved economy and lots of pent-up demand.

McDonald’s rivals took to social media to offer opinions on the burger giant’s latest move.

For years, Ron Bailey, a McDonald's franchisee with six units spread across New York City's Harlem neighborhood, would lock up shop at 11 p.m.

The chain’s parent company owes more than $3 million to a former employee.

Great ideas we've seen from the restaurant industry.

Breakfast-and-lunch-only concepts continue to be the growth stars among the Top 500 family style chains.

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