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Employees’ favorite restaurant CEO: In-N-Out’s Lynsi Snyder

The 36-year-old is one of four restaurant chiefs on Glassdoor.com’s newly published ranking of big-company executives, rated by their approval among subordinates.

What’s more likely to turn heads, the next chapter in Burgerville’s union dealings, or the fourth bun-related restaurant closure of the week? Check out these and the industry’s other jaw-dropping developments of recent days.

Less than a week ago, Twitter rolled out a new design for profile pages. Some operators have embraced the challenge. Others have more to learn.

"Pardon me, may I speak with a manager please?" This is a line heard every day in restaurants across America. It's a reasonable enough request.

Taco Bell expanded on its charitable work with teens, sending them cross country to learn work skills. A New York chef pushes back against Meatless Mondays. A Texas couple goes Whataburger crazy. And Tim Zagat lays out the new rules of dining etiquette.

The burger chain has reduced daily breakfast hours while it sorts out supply issues resulting from the avian flu outbreak.

The chain says it has secured additional egg supply after an avian flu-induced shortage caused it to pare the hours during which egg-based breakfast items were served.

The disruption of the egg supply has come home to roost, but ingenuity in sourcing has kept operators from yanking eggs off menus.

Whataburger has a slam dunk with a Twitter post featuring an NBA star.

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