Suggestive selling scripts

These lines can lead to higher check averages and greater guest satisfaction.  Servers can also expect higher tips if these scripts are practiced to perfection.

"Tonight I'm Featuring..."

This is a soft and non-intimidating opening line that piques a guest's interest and curiosity. A good example is:

"Tonight I'm featuring O'Douls Amber non-alcoholic beer, which goes perfectly with the Club House BLT."

Guests may ask what "I'm featuring..." means. Servers can explain that they like to share the best combinations of food and beverages–those that have become popular among the staff and other guests. One in five guests will say, "Sounds good. I'll try it."

"May I Recommend..."

Once servers have established a relationship with their guests, they're in a perfect position to offer their own recommendations. Suggestions based on personal preferences always carry great credibility. A good example is:

"May I recommend the fresh baked Chocolate Amaretto Cream Pie with a frothy cappuccino? It's one of my favorites."

"Try Means Buy..."

Many guests are reluctant to experiment with unfamiliar menu items. Encourage your servers to recommend dishes that guests haven't ordered before. For example:

"Have you ever tried our special herbal tea with the bread pudding? It's our special house blend, and it's a great flavor combination!"

Practice makes perfect. Role-playing during your pre-shift briefing will help servers act naturally—without an obvious hard-sell attitude. The payoff will come in higher check averages and greater guest satisfaction. And the servers will make higher tips, too!

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