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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Next-level mobile apps drive engagement

The trick to consumer app engagement isn't only figuring out what bells and whistles to use in operations, but staying one step ahead of the competition.


Real-time updates keep waiting guests under control

Many independents and smaller operations using waitlist management apps stick to a basic model—and those off-the-shelf options still seem to be helping business.

Here's what RB's managing editor has learned from viewing restaurant tech through a brand new lens.

The upcoming year might not look quite like the space age the Jetsons lived in, but the tech-forward society is moving closer and closer to it.

Imagine if the course of food trends was reversed and home kitchens suddenly became the source of the best and most interesting culinary ideas. In that alternate reality, restaurants would be the followers, not the innovators, hoping to catch up with customers who were routinely more inventive and advanced.

What happens when your guest feedback programs insist your customers love you, but your restaurant is empty? That was Terry Smith’s dilemma when he was brought on board as consultant for Texas Steakhouse in 2008.

Uber, Amazon are testing new high-tech ways to function as a middleman between restaurants and consumers.

Attendees of FSTEC 2015 were able to answer some of the questions that have kept operators wringing their hands instead of plotting a tech strategy.

This year’s class of social media standouts found surprising ways to break through on popular platforms, reinvent their voice on established ones and gain footing in the “brand”-new worlds of Snapchat, Instagram and more.

A handful of restaurant operators are tricking out their apps by teaming up.

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