Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


National Restaurant Association sues to protect tip credit

The action seeks to guarantee employers can count gratuities toward servers’ pay even if the employees spend more than 20% of their time on side work.


Restaurants’ best and worst labor markets

Supply and demand don’t perfectly match compensation levels, according to a new study.

Danny Meyer and Dirt Candy’s Amanda Cohen are among the operators asking to pay their servers a larger direct wage.

The new benefits include procedures that were not previously covered and had once been considered cosmetic.

The Department of Labor will let restaurants pool their purchasing might to negotiate better rates.

The portion of servers’ wages paid by restaurant employers will rise to $15 an hour.

A fast-casual operator shares tools for nurturing the type of workplace that could convince staff to stick around.

The casual-dining chain and its cleaning subcontractor are being held liable for underpaying employees.

A coalition of labor, religious and community groups is planning a weeklong drive for $15 an hour.

Rates rose for both hourlies and managers, says TDn2K.

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