Living in the suburbs shouldn’t mean you’re doomed to eat at mediocre restaurants for exorbitant prices. That was Steve Silverstein’s gripe back in 1994, when the former CPA and retail executive founded Not Your Average Joe’s. Now with a baker’s dozen units—all in Massachusetts, plus one in Leesburg, Virginia—the casual dining chain offers a varied menu ranging from mustard-crusted chicken to vegetarian stir fry and Tuscan shrimp scampi. Silverstein expects to open three units this year.

LocationDartmouth, Mass.
2006 Systemwide Sales$40,000,000
% Change in Sales33.3%
2006 U.S. Units13
% Change in Units30.0%
2006 Average Unit Volume$3,200,000
% Change in AUV6.7%
Future 50 Year2007