Trends shaping the restaurant industry so far in 2019

At the six-month mark, critical forces have clearly emerged. Here’s a sampling.


Olive Garden tries new off-premise moves

The Darden Restaurants holding is still a no-go on small-order delivery, but its catering program is moving within reach of couples.

The meatless chain is launching a big-order off-premise business based on burger, taco meat and fried chicken analogs.

Catering is growing 6% year over year, according to Technomic data, but many operators are not taking advantage of its popularity.

Restaurants are looking at delivery’s playbook to update the process. But not all the same rules apply.

The 100-unit casual chain is also looking to bolster sales and profits by charging more fully into catering.

With so many restaurants offering delivery, how does a brand stand out? Here are three newly announced attempts.

The burger giant is trying out delivery of large breakfast orders in the Orlando, Fla., market.

The casual chain is looking at kitchen-only formats after shrinking the size and tweaking the back of house of its conventional stores.

Managing Editor Sara Rush takes a look at the intersection of off-premise and tech.

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