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How a Chinese hog epidemic could raise restaurant costs next year

African Swine Fever has decimated the pork supply in China. That could raise U.S. protein prices next year.


3 reasons reducing sugar is good for the restaurant business

Consumers’ eating habits are shifting, and sugar is one of the main targets.

Prices have spiked following President Trump’s threat to close the Mexican border, says RB’s The Bottom Line. That’s bad news for Chipotle and others.

Here are some important points about your next coupon or offer.

(February 23. 2010)—Grocery prices in January posted the largest one-month increasesince September 2008, government data showed, signaling an end to...

WASHINGTON, DC - The Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Supply Chain Integration) will host an industry meeting on December 2, 2003, to review the...

(September 3, 2010 - The Packer)—Tough times in the restaurant industry are challenge for produce marketers. While rising fresh fruit and vegetable prices...

Some independent restaurants in Houston are about to unveil the future of group purchasing.

With many commodity prices hitting new highs and food costs overall expected to rise by 3 percent to 5 percent this year, many operators recently raised the white flag in their battle to hold the line on menu price increases.

"The President's agriculture budget provides important resources for farmers and ranchers, while doing our part to avoid passing on the deficit to our...

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