USDA takes aim at supply-chain bottlenecks

A financing initiative aims to improve the volume and price of food supplies by fostering loans of startup and growth capital.


From supply chain to supply pain: How getting products became a problem

Shortages, delays and soaring costs have become commonplace since the outset of the pandemic. But experts say there were signs of an impending crisis long before anyone heard of COVID.

New reports show restaurants losing business while paying more for supplies, a double whammy that's derailing their recoveries.

The nation's top court will decide if California can ban the purchase of meat from animals raised in tight confines.

The distributor told investors that it also doesn't have a read on when food inflation will drop back down into single digits.

With the holidays (and prime pie-eating season) approaching, restaurants are feeling the impact of soaring aluminum prices and shortages on their ability to source pie tins.

It also told investors that it's largely resolved the labor problems squeezing the supply chain.

Noting that 95% of restaurateurs have been stung by "significant" sourcing issues, the National Restaurant Association has called on the administration to make changes that promise long-term relief.

The chain raised menu prices 4.2% as commodity inflation hit 14% in the third quarter, driven largely by beef.

And some commodities, like chicken wings and beef, may never return to pre-pandemic levels as consumers appear willing to pay higher prices.

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