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Pie oh my: Bakers report a shortage of tins

With the holidays (and prime pie-eating season) approaching, restaurants are feeling the impact of soaring aluminum prices and shortages on their ability to source pie tins.


US Foods raised prices 11.5% in Q3, but says worst may be over

It also told investors that it's largely resolved the labor problems squeezing the supply chain.

Noting that 95% of restaurateurs have been stung by "significant" sourcing issues, the National Restaurant Association has called on the administration to make changes that promise long-term relief.

The chain raised menu prices 4.2% as commodity inflation hit 14% in the third quarter, driven largely by beef.

And some commodities, like chicken wings and beef, may never return to pre-pandemic levels as consumers appear willing to pay higher prices.

The attack over the weekend is unlikely to have a long-term impact on protein supplies or prices, but it’s yet another pressure point on an already stressed supply chain.

Rising corn prices could lead to higher costs for chicken and beef in the near future, furthering supply chain challenges as labor costs continue to rise.

The poultry supplier admitted no wrongdoing as part of the agreement.

The sudden infusion of so many virtual chicken wing concepts could lead to another price spike. There’s already evidence it’s happening, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

African Swine Fever has decimated the pork supply in China. That could raise U.S. protein prices next year.

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