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Consumer Trends

7 consumer insights from the Restaurant Leadership Conference

Millennial customers may be getting all the attention from restaurants right now, but Gen Z—those 21 years of age and younger—quickly is emerging as a formidable group of consumers.

Consumer Trends

3 ways young consumers will change restaurants’ booze business

Consumers between the ages of 21 and 34 are transforming the alcoholic beverage market at restaurants and bars. The new On-Premise Intelligence Report from Technomic and the Beverage Marketing Corp. shows how.

Keeping millennials engaged is key to maintaining sales. Here’s a look at five ways to keep the attention of this demographic cohort of digital natives.

Cheesecake Factory says it has a second fast-casual venture in the works, Dunkin' convenes a workforce Woodstock, Noodles clears the table and McDonald's touts its merits as a first job.

Consumers reveal which chain limited-time offers they are most likely to order based on the name and description.

Changing tastes are driving more nuanced demands from pizza fans.

Children’s visits to traditional QSRs are definitely declining, says a new study. Is it because their parents are infatuated with a new fine-dining model?

The year was not without its Freddy Krueger moments for restaurants. Here's a look back at the times restaurateurs wondered if they were awake.

At what point of saturation do these once on-trend ingredients begin to lose their marketing appeal?

Here are four ways consumers are currently seeking discounts when dining out.

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