California city's ban on gas-fueled kitchen equipment is overturned

A federal court ruled that the prohibition violated federal energy regulations.


There's far more than sizzle to Chipotle and Wendy's environmental moves

Working Lunch: Both of their newly announced initiatives add up to sound long-term business decisions.

The diner chain is now featuring several savory and sweet items baked on-premises, as well as an interactive augmented-reality presentation of the options.

20 diverse pieces of equipment earned KI awards from the National Restaurant Association Show, each reflecting one or more overriding trends.

The National Restaurant Association Show’s 2023 Kitchen Innovation Awards give kudos to cutting-edge equipment.

The system will be able to prepare, cook and store pizzas. It’s being pitched to QSRs, ghost kitchens and convenience stores.

The KI awards recognize cutting-edge, forward-thinking foodservice equipment that improves operations.

The funding features the first technology investment from Mercato Partners' restaurant-focused Savory Fund.

Shortages, delays and soaring costs have become commonplace since the outset of the pandemic. But experts say there were signs of an impending crisis long before anyone heard of COVID.

More restaurants are looking at used and refurbished fryers and coolers amid shipping delays and to save on the cost of buildout.

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